From the Chairman of ITC35 to those who are interested…



This website is a hub that should permit you to keep in touch with all those who share your interest in the role that granular interactions play in geomechanics, and your conviction that geotechnical engineers will benefit from these studies. You will probably be a member of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE), but you may also be a materials scientist, a mathematical physicist, a geologist or a chemical engineer who simply wishes to stay in touch with colleagues who share your interest in the fundamentals of granular materials.


You will find information about future ITC35 meetings, informal workshops, multi-disciplinary conferences, and our own International Symposium in 2006. I hope that these events encourage you to write papers, to make presentations and join in discussions. It is my conviction that this activity will come to be seen as central to the re-launching of soil mechanics as a discipline soundly based in applied mechanics, and well connected with sister branches such as materials science and chemical engineering. I am therefore quite sure that many papers which are written by ITC35 members will appear not in conferences, but in top journals. There are many possible avenues for such publications, however, and we may well miss something important. For this reason, I have a particular request to put to you.


Please create your own web pages relevant to particulate mechanics, hosted on your home institution’s website, and send the address of the link to our Web Secretary – Yukio Nakata of Yamaguchi University in Japan. He will make your link available from this website, via your name on the members page. It would be just excellent to be able to browse colleagues’ pages of “my recent publications on granular mechanics”, “my photo library of grains and fabric”, “favourite references”, “useful links” etc.


The work of ITC35 will simply be the work of its active members. We have a list of Core Members (CM) who assisted me in the proposal to ISSMGE for this Technical Committee, Nominated Members (NM) who have subsequently been nominated by their national society, and Registered Members (RM) who have indicated their desire to register with the Committee (e.g. through this website). All these names are listed on another page. All members, of whatever origin, will be circulated e-mails reminding them of abstract deadlines, registration dates etc.


Core members have so far taken the lead, as is appropriate, in planning the next round of meetings and events. We look forward to getting future input from Nominated Members and Registered Members on the fresh activities that you would like to organise and participate in. Any activity linked with the behaviour of granular materials is likely to be of interest. In line with the Terms of Reference granted to us by the President of ISSMGE there are, however, three main branches in which we seek progress:


1.         Observation of grains and granular fabric, aiming to improve and harmonise the functional characterisation of all soils – gravels, sands, silts, clays – and all fabrics created by their mixture.

2.         Multi-scale modelling, from Distinct Element Models (DEM) to continuum constitutive relations, offering collaboration with parallel Technical Committees such as TC6, TC29 and TC34.

3.         Practical geotechnical applications for particulate descriptions and granular mechanics, offering collaboration with parallel Technical Committees such as TC1, TC2, and TC 3.


Please let the Web Secretary know of your existence and feel free to share your thoughts with me – especially if you can organise meetings in your local area that will stimulate more activity in future!


Best wishes,


Malcolm Bolton