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TC35  Geomechanics of Particulate Materials


Professor Malcolm Bolton



Professor Masayuki Hyodo


Web Sec

Dr Yukio Nakata


Terms of Reference:

1.       To promote co-operation and exchange of information about the behaviour of soil grains and granular interactions, so as to clarify the fundamental micro-mechanisms of the behaviour of soils.

2.       To promote improved Discrete Element Modelling (DEM) of soil aggregates, through simulations of laboratory tests, especially with regard to the observation of grain crushing and rearrangement.

3.       To encourage a micro-structural understanding of significant macroscopic behaviours such as compressibility, anisotropy, yielding, creep, cyclic liquefaction, shear rupture and tensile fracture.

4.       To open up a discussion on the use of micro-structural measurements to enhance soil characterisation procedures (grading, plasticity index, CPT / SPT etc) and to clarify the selection and use of continuum parameters in geotechnical engineering practice.

5.       To widen the scientific basis of geomechanics by linking with groups applying micro-mechanics to the study of granular materials in other fields of application such as rock mechanics, metal powders, ceramic pressings, and food processing.

6.       To co-operate with other Technical Committees where the granular perspective is thought to be valuable to their work; this may include TC1 Offshore and Near-Shore Geotechnical Engineering, TC2 Geotechnics of Physical Modelling and Centrifuge Testing, TC3 Geotechnics of Pavements, TC6 Unsaturated Soils, TC29 Laboratory Stress Strain Strength Testing of Geomaterials, and TC34 Prediction Methods in Large Strain Geomechanics.

7.       To encourage local working groups on particulate mechanics, to organise regional workshops and international symposia, and to negotiate with major journals for the creation of special issues devoted to progress in this topic.


Activities in Period 2001 – date:

1.       One-Day Workshop, and Meeting of Core Members (at that time) in Istanbul, during 15th ICSMGE.

2.       Formation of Japanese National Committee to mirror TC35 activities, with plans for a 2006 Conference.

3.       Discussions continuing with US NSF and UK EPSRC regarding future Workshop on “Geomechanics from Micro to Macro”.

Progress/experience with web-based communication platform:

Improvement and integration of a new TC35 website with the ISSMGE website will be attempted during September 2003.

Future Planned Activities:

1.       UK-based travelling workshop on Geo-Mechanics from Micro to Macro, first meeting December 2003.       

2.       Affiliation of ISSMGE TC35 to the Conference on Powders and Grains, Stuttgart,  July 2005

          (Malcolm Bolton and Colin Thornton are on the AEMMG Scientific Committee).

3.       Meeting of ITC35 in Osaka, during 16th ICSMGE.

4.       International Symposium in Japan, 2006.


Aim is to promulgate publications in high quality symposia, conferences and journals.


Planned “publication” for ICSMGE Osaka 2005 (e.g. State-of-the-Art report, recommendations for practice etc.):

Presentations of work in progress placed on our website.