The purpose of TC35 Japanese national committee





Theme for the committee

The ground

The grounds to have high compressibility due to particle crushing and/or to be subjected to high stress level such as deep zone occurring methane hydrate

The materials

Decomposed granite and residual soils, volcanic ashes, calcareous sediment

Artificial materials to be manufactured as re-cycle of by-product


The physical and mechanical properties for geomaterials which are crushable soils and/or are subjected to high stress level, are expected to be varied with  time passing site investigation (or design), construction and after-construction. So the safety factor and deformability for the ground will be change as the properties so. In advancing to performance based design it therefore is important to understand the change of the properties more deeply.

The following topic will be treated in this committee.

Microscopic observation and evaluation for geo-material and its structure (Particle shape, strength and its geometrically distribution)

Micro-mechanics and macro-mechanics (DEM simulation)

Design parameter relating with the microscopic propertiesimaximum and minimum void ratio and relative density of crushable materialsj

Settlement of high embankment and rockfill dam

bearing capacity on pile

Liquefaction of reclamation

Artificial materials for re-cycle

For the practical problem, to collect the information and to present the perspective for design method taking account for the parameter relating on the high compressibilityiapplying for Newmark methodj


Supporting a discussion session in ICSMGE in Osaka, 2005 with report from national committee( to complete the report in April 2005)

Organising a discussion session in annual meeting in JGS

Organising mini international workshop in 2006 (100 participants)