Informal Workshop: Micro-geomechanics


Venue:  Moller Centre of Churchill College, Cambridge University

Chair:      Malcolm Bolton


Programme:  Tuesday 19 December 2000


10.30   Arrival & Coffee

10.45      Malcolm Bolton      Introduction


11.00 – 12.45      Session 1      Images of grains and microstructure

            Lis Bowman           Image analysis of grains

            Helen Cheng        Digital photography of soil microstructure under load

            Jenni Barclay       Imaging the microstructure of magma

            Mark OfNeil        Computerised tomography of crushed fill

            El Parker              Characterising loess





2.00 – 4.00      Session 2      Characterising grains and modelling fabric

            Yoshinori Kato    Single particle crushing tests

            Oahid Horineche      Computer simulation by the Distinct Element Method (DEM)

            Malcolm Bolton  DEM simulations show plasticity to be clasticity

            Kenichi Soga          Fabric and anisotropy

            Siam Yimsiri        DEM simulations



Tea and biscuits


4.30 – 6.15      Session 3      Granular influences on the behaviour of soil elements

            Glenn McDowell      Yielding

            Matthew Coop      Crushing and critical states

            Yukio Nakata       Work and surface energy in triaxial tests

            Masayuki Hyodo      Undrained cyclic loading of soils

            Adrian Hyde          Influence of granulometry on crushing